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According to the singer, some people only remember him when they need money from him.

Nigerian artiste, Rude Boy has adviced to be careful of people who only remembers one only when they need assistance.

According to the singer, there are people who only remember him when they need money from him.

Taking to Twitter, Rude Boy says he is not helping such people in 2021 since all they know how to do is collect from him. He added that he would pick such people’s call again.

“Beware of people who always call you or remembers you when ever they need money ….. since na just to de collect be Una own 2021 Una go call taya “

Nigerian Singer, Davido took to Twitter to lash out at the attendees of the former P-square members, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye‘s separate birthday parties.

Recall that Peter and Paul Okoye who go by their stage names  Mr. P and Rudeboy held separate birthday parties to celebrate their 39th birthdays despite being twins.

This was due to the fact that the two haven’t been on speaking terms since their breakup and dissolution of their music group.

They continue to snub each other and didn’t even wish each other a happy birthday. Videos of the separate birthday parties went viral and had celebrities in both parties.

However, Davido is pissed not at the Twins but the celebrities who attended the separate parties.

He wrote via his Twitter page on the 20th of November;

“Y’all niggas that wen to Peter and Paul’s bday separately y’all pussy as fuck!! Them niggas is TWINS !! Not my business but Shit hurts I’m angry Walai”

It also seems as he wasn’t the only one to think like this as DJ Neptune and Naira Marley reacted to his post.

DJ Neptune wrote;

“No be Lie, Let’s preach”

Naira Marley wrote

“I still don’t know who Paul or peter is. Na psquare I know”

For entertainers and social media influencers, having baby mamas has somewhat become a norm in the entertainment industry. However, 39-year-old ‘’Kingmaker’’, Harrison Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong says he doesn’t want a baby mama.

Harrysong said, “Everything about marriage has been suspended for now. I’m focusing more on my music and business. The truth is that I’m still young and having the passion to settle down early is a normal feeling. When you meet someone and don’t really connect is a pointer of what could happen later in life. You can’t manage yourself into a life-time journey, you have to be 100 per cent sure. In my case, I wasn’t so sure anymore. There are some things I can’t talk about. For now, I have to manage it on my own.’’

“As long as you’re above 20 years, you should be eligible for marriage.  As a celebrity, distraction can be one of the reasons of not getting married early but finding the right person is very important.

“Personally I don’t support having a baby mama even though it’s a common phenomenon nowadays. Having a baby mama is a personal decision. I don’t have a baby mama because I don’t want it.’’

The singer, who also said that it was okay to criticise singers if they erred, noted that new crop of artistes were not taking the shine off him or anyone.

‘‘Young artistes are not a threat to me in any way. The sky is big enough. That’s why they came and took their own place. Music is a function of who works harder and smarter. These young guys are talented and I enjoy their music. Even in other countries, a time comes when young artistes spring up and it’s healthy for the music industry. It’s not a threat to me in any way. Rather, it’s very healthy for our industry.  Sometimes, I don’t even know people who have booked me because you have to get through people to do that. I just know that I’m to perform somewhere and keep the date. You can criticise us, we’re open to it, when we (singers) make mistakes, we should be corrected and everyone should move on.’’

The latest ambassador for Popl Nigeria further noted that his new body of work. ‘Right About Now,’ was a new definition of his career.  He said, “My fans should know they are not alone and that I understand that things are hard currently but they should try and stay strong because things are going to get better. The nine-track album is produced by Dalorbeats with features from Davido, Stoneboy, Tufan, Hero, and Rudeboy. It’s a bodywork that I use daily to encourage myself to achieve things.”

 In a statement, brand manager, Popl Nigeria,  Ayodeji Ajayi , said “Harrysong plays on the high-end entertainment level and it speaks to our targeted market which is the youth and the working population.