Reno Omokri reveals the reason why Africa is poor

Former presidential aid Reno Omokri has revealed reason why most African countries are poor.

According to him, many African succeeded but never wrote a book on how they achieved their success.

Reno said successful men and women in African hoard their knowledge which made it impossible for others to learn from them.

Sharing his thought on Twitter, Reno wrote;

“Too many Africans succeed and never write books about how they succeeded. It is a major reason Africa is poor. Our successful men and women hoard their knowledge making it impossible for others to replicate their success. Give back by writing books”

Reacting to his tweet, some of his followers agreed with him, while others disagreed with him. See some of the mixed reactions.

Not just book's from successful people, we also want book from unsuccessful people, so we can learn from their mistake and failure's

— Jay Jay (@iamrealjayjay) March 1, 2021


Who got rich by reading…. Just asking?

— arTED! (@tedcipher) March 1, 2021


Most of them can't write about their success because there are alot of theft attached in there success.

— Ade Enoch Oluwadamilare (@AdeEnochOluwad2) March 1, 2021


That's right Sir.

Looking from another perspective, when you want to hide something from an African man, put it in writing because the people that need to read how others became successful will never read any book.

— Stephen Samson Ojibo (@SamsonOjibo) March 2, 2021



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